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Pine Jenny Tube Pulling Accessories

Pine Jenny Tube Pulling Accessories

Pine Jenny Tube Pulling Accessories

Pine Jenny tube pulling Accessories


The pine jenny tube pulling accessories will fit many different jenny pulling systems. Compatible with systems from Airetool, Wilson, Elliot and other manufacturers of “Pine Jenny-style systems. Jenny systems are the most cost-effective pulling apparatus found on today’s market.  

To make your own pulling system you need a hydraulic power source. Our own unit can give pressures up to 10,000 psi. Then, a double acting, hollow core cylinder which the center ID allows the pulling mandrels to pass through.  

First, tubes are cut from one end leaving stubs in one tube sheet. These stubs will be removed with the pine jenny tube pulling accessories after all tubes are removed. 

The pulling mandrel is impacted by either pneumatic or electric impact gun into the tube end. A 1.0” or 1.1/2” Square impact is advised. If the impact wrench is underpowered then the mandrel will be pulled out of the tube end. 

Once the mandrel is impacted sufficiently into the tube, any extensions needed are attached to the end of the mandrel. These can be Single or Double pull adaptors. The Horseshoe lock is engaged, and the system is ready to pull the first tube. The cylinder pushes against the tube sheet as the strain goes against the horseshoe lock. This causes the tube to be pulled from the sheet.  


There are two types of spears which act as the mandrel for gripping the tube from the inside. One is for tubes from 3/8″ up to 1.0″ mainly oil coolers and heat exchangers, the other from 1.1/4″ up to 3.0” for the boiler repair industry. For other pulling systems see the Full Auto System and the Semi Auto System. Download the pdf from the link below: