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Flexible Shaft Repair Tools

How to use Flexible Shaft Repair Tools

To repair flexible shafts we use flexible shaft repair tools. On the end of the flexible shafts are drive ends. The other is the tool end. Firstly, these connectors are under tremendous stress and, after a time undoubtedly, will break. Therefore, to commission the shaft again, these ends must be replaced with the Flexible Shaft Repair Tools otherwise the shaft is rendered useless.

However, Powermaster Industrial can supply the tools to repair shafts from 1/4″ OD Casing up to 3/4″ OD. Albeit the anvil, punch and hammer. Customers order the tool ends they require as per the table below. 

The inner cable is cut clean, and the outer casing is shortened to expose the internal cable. The inner cable is placed inside the new tool end or drives end and inside the anvil. A punch is used with the hammer to crimp the recent end to the cable.

Flexible shaft repair tools
Flexible Shaft PartPFS-250PFS-375PFS-500PFS-560PFS-750
Tool CouplingTC-250TC-375TC-500TC-560TC-750
Drive CouplingDC-250DC-375DC-500DC-560DC-750
Case CouplingCC-250CC-375CC-500CC-560CC-750
Manifold CapMC-1MC-1MC-1MC-1MC-1
Shaft Washer3/16×3/45/16×3/47/16×3/49/16×7/811/16×1
Nylon GuardNG-250NG-375NG-500NG-560NG-750
Flexible Shaft repair

Flexible Shaft Lubricator

The Flexible Shaft Lubricator lubricates flexible shafts, giving the operator maximum useful life. They are also used to lubricate before storage. The lubricator is filled with a water-soluble lubricant that enters and lubricates the internal workings of the shaft. This is achieved by providing an air supply to the unit. The residue lubricant is washed out with water when the shaft is used again.

So it is advisable to order the correct shaft repair kits which can include all that is needed to keep you up and running.

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