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Boiler Tube Expanders ABF3 Series

ABF3 Series Boiler Tube Expanders for boilers.

Boiler Tube Expanders ABF3

The ABF3 Series boiler tube expanders is a high-production tool used in the manufacturing of boilers. Here are some key features of the ABF3 Series:

  1. Value for Money: The ABF3 Series is known for its cost-effectiveness when flaring boiler tube ends.
  2. Sturdy Construction: It has a robust design with rolls self-contained in a cage.
  3. Time-Tested Durability: The Boiler Tube Expanders ABF3 Series has been proven to be durable over time.
  4. Overlapping Flare Rolls: These prevent ridging of boiler tubes during the expanding process.
  5. Bearing: The fitted bearing reduces frictional heat build-up, resulting in smoother tube expanding cycles and an extended useful life for the tool.

The ABF3 Series covers tubes with outer diameters (OD) ranging from 7/8″ to 4.1/2″ and tube sheet thicknesses up to 2.5/8″. Additionally, it can utilize short series mandrels for specific applications.

For more detailed information on the Boiler Tube Expanders ABF3 Series, you can refer below to the PDF link provided. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

ABF3 Boiler Tube Expanders

Thrust Bearings Fitted to the ABF3 Series

Heat quickly builds up within the tool when using tube expanders without thrust bearings. However, many people will use multiple tools and have them cooling in oil as expansion continues. 

Using boiler tube expanders with thrust bearings like the Boiler tube expanders ABF3 series makes for a smoother operation. However, heat still builds in the cage where the rollers are in contact with the tube.

Product Quality

We work to high tolerances for all machining of expanders and associated equipment. This allows accurate expansion to achieve perfect sealed joints in tube sheets. Using the best tool steel and cryogenic processes for hardening and conditioning. Giving our tooling the optimum performance in the harshest surroundings.
We assemble each expander while checking the quality of the manufacture. Every individual tool is laser-marked with our name, Powermaster Canada. Also, we mark with the tube OD, wall thickness and expansion range. Expanders are then oiled bagged and boxed for shipping. Therefore, with our quality control and machining excellence, we supply a quality tool.

Electric Tube Rolling Motors


The Electric Rolling Motor PTR-03 is a powerful, durable and hard-working drive. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this drive motor has been the front-runner in many different scenarios. From heavy-duty drilling to line boring, the Eibenstock range of motors covers all aspects of engineering when continuous power is needed. Available in either 120 volts or 240 volts and with a Hertz range of 50-60. So, wherever you need power we can provide the correct drive model suited to your supply current. 

The unit features high torque producing enough power to roll 3” OD tubes. Therefore, a machine well suited to the pulp and paper industry. With the slow start facility, it has two gears with a load speed of 30-75/90-230 RPM. And, with a change of a switch the drive motor reverses expanders out of the tube with ease. The arbor of the PTR-03 is a Morse taper 3 therefore, to make the connection to the expander we supply a mandrel drive according to your needs. This would then be either a ¾” or 1.0” female square.  

When you receive your new PTR-03, you will find it comes with a long reaction bar which we suggest is always used due to its sheer power. Also, a Morse taper drift key and the proper operating manual. How reliable we have found this machine we never have had much call for spares. However, if the need should arise, all spares are readily available. 

Always in Stock!

TCW Torque Controller used with the PTR-03

For more precise tube rolling especially when rolling tubes in heat exchangers. The TCW Torque Controller is used with the rolling drive. This unit controls the torque based on the wattage drawn. Also, pause and reverse time is controlled. 

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