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AF3 Series Boiler Tube Expanders

AF3 Series boiler tube expanders

AF3 Series Boiler Tube Expanders - 30 degree Flaring

The AF3 series is the optimal tube expander for 30-degree flaring, available in sizes ranging from 7/8″ OD to 4.1/2″ OD. Its rolls are self-contained within a robust cage. Thus, making it an economical choice for 30-degree flaring. Being a self-contained unit, this allows access in tight spaces. The operator can place the cage and rollers into the tube before inserting the mandrel. Also, this is true on removing the tool once rolling is complete. Additionally, the AF3 series is compatible with short-series mandrels. For more information, please refer to the associated PDF link below.

AF3 Series in short mandrel configuration

AF3 Series boiler tube expanders available in short series
Above are the AF3 series boiler tube expanders in the short mandrel configuration. First, to have this option, you only need to order the extra short mandrels when ordering the standard expander with the drum mandrel
Please Note: Powermaster Industrial expanders ship complete with drum mandrels.
Short series mandrels can consist of 2-4 separate mandrels and are used in the sequence of size. Furthermore, using all 2-4 mandrels the expander would have expanded the tube the same as the drum mandrel.
All spare mandrels and Rolls are available. If rolling over 70-80 tube joints it is advisable to have a spare set of rolls with spare mandrel. Always change both together at the same time.

Using The Proper Lubricant

Using the correct lubricant for tube joints is crucial. As a forward-thinking company, we took the initiative to investigate the lubricants used by other companies in the industry. To do so, we acquired our competitor’s products and subjected them to analysis. The outcome was astonishing. One of the oldest tube tool suppliers in North America was using Air Tool Oil, a general-purpose lubricant, for tube rolling.

To ensure superior product quality, we collaborated with renowned chemists at laboratories in Montreal. The result of this collaboration is our very own Powermaster Industrial Lube A Tube. This top-notch lubricant is derived from vegetable sources and contains a water-based anti-rust ingredient. It either evaporates during the initial firing or can be easily washed out with hot water. Each 2kg tub of our product is sufficient for a complete retube of a firetube boiler.

Electric Tube Rolling Motors


The PTR-03 is the ideal electric rolling drive motor to power all boiler tube expanders. Likewise, we can also supply pneumatic rolling motors.

Available in either 120 or 240-volt, 50/60 Hz.

Always in Stock.

Product Quality

Our company prides itself on maintaining strict tolerances during the machining process of expanders and related equipment. This ensures precise expansion, resulting in perfectly sealed joints in tube sheets. We utilize top-quality tool steel and employ cryogenic processes to harden and condition our tooling, guaranteeing optimal performance even in the most challenging environments.

Each expander is meticulously assembled, with thorough quality checks conducted throughout the manufacturing process. To ensure traceability, we laser-mark every individual tool with our name, Powermaster Canada, along with the tube outer diameter, wall thickness, and expansion range. Prior to shipping, our expanders are carefully oiled, bagged, and boxed.

With our unwavering commitment to product quality, combined with our expertise in machining, we deliver exceptional tools that meet the highest standards in the industry.

Internal Tube Cutters

Internal tube cutters PR68

The PR68 series internal tube cutters presented above are specifically designed for boiler tubes, making them an excellent choice. These tools are utilized to effectively sever the tube within the tube sheet, enabling the subsequent extraction of the tube from the opposite end of the boiler after the joint has been released. Once the tubes have been successfully removed, the remaining stubs can be easily eliminated by either knocking them through or pulling them out. For more detailed specifications, please refer to the provided link.