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Tube Rolling Drives

Boiler tube rolling drives are one piece of equipment you can not do without if you’re rolling boiler tubes. So there for Powermaster Industrial supply quality rolling drives in either electric, pneumatic or hydraulic. Our electric boiler tube rolling drives can be either 110-120 volt or 220-240 volt 50-60 Hz. These are always shipped within 8hrs from the date of order, if they are confirmed in stock. We also keep these units as rental units and also the TCW System as a rental. 

Electric 120Volt 50/60Hz/240Volt 50/60Hz

Made in Europe, these German Boiler Tube Rolling Drives are second to none.

Boiler tube rolling drives

PTR 3.0 Boiler Tube Rolling Motor

Power Input - 16.3 Amp
Rated Voltage - 110V 60Hz/220V 50hz
Load Speed - 30-75/90-230 RPM
Maximum Tube Rolling OD - 3.0"
Maximum Beading Expander - 2.1/2"
Reversible - Yes
Spindle Connection - MT3
Weight - 15Lbs
Features - High-torque, slow speed two-geared and varible speed motor. Mechanical safety clutch prevents operator injury or damage to the tool. Morse Taper #3 arbor, Supplied with 3/4" female mandrel drive.

The PTR 3.0 is now available in Stock.

Boiler tube rolling drives

PTR 2.0 High Torque Rolling Motor

Power Input - 16.3 Amp
Rated Voltage - 110V 60Hz/220V 50Hz
Load Speed - 60-140/200-470 RPM
Maximum Tube OD - 2.0"
Reversible - Yes
Spindle Connection - MT3
Weight - 14Lbs
Features - Soft start and thermal overload for the protection of the machine and user. Constant speed and in built Torque Controller, Morse Taper #3 arbor, Supplied with 3/4" female mandrel drive.

The PTR 2.0 is now available in Stock.

TCW Boiler tube rolling system

Boiler tube rolling drives
TCW Torque Controller used with the PTR-03
Boiler tube rolling drives

The TCW boiler tube rolling system utilizes a torque controller (TCW-09) to manage all its operations. Let’s break down the key details:

  1. Torque Controller Features:

    • The TCW-09 controller is fully adjustable for:
      • Torque settings
      • Pause times
      • Reverse times
  2. Eibenstock Drives:

    • The system employs Eibenstock Drives, which are converted for use and control by the Powermaster Industrial TCW.
  3. Conversion Process:

    • Powermaster India handles the conversion process in India.
    • Once converted, the systems are shipped to Canada.
  4. Current-Based vs. Wattage-Based Systems:

    • Most torque controllers worldwide operate based on current.
    • However, the Powermaster system stands out because it operates on wattage.
    • Here’s the difference:
      • Current-Based System:
        • Relies on a constant stable voltage.
        • If the voltage fluctuates, the finished product (such as the rolled tube) may also fluctuate.
      • Wattage-Based System (Powermaster’s Approach):
        • Unstable voltage has no effect on the final torque delivered to the expander.

In summary, the Powermaster system’s wattage-based approach ensures consistent torque delivery even in varying voltage conditions. If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to ask! 😊

Pneumatic Right Angled Boiler Tube Rolling Drives

right angled boiler tube rolling drives

Roll or Lever Throttle

Two models are available, one with a maximum tube OD of 2.5 inches and the other with a maximum of 4.0 inches. Made with a unique head design, consisting of fully enclosed bearings, makes for a long and trouble-free life. Torque is easily adjusted and the angled head can be set in numerous positions.
Both of these models are available on the standard roll throttle or the lever throttle as optional.
P72-RT-190 Max Torque 190Nm Tube Capacity 2.5"OD.
P72-RT-90 Max Torque 410Nm Tube Capacity 4.0"OD.

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Hydraulic Rolling System HYDEX
powerpack hep 500 new
HED rolling Drive

Hydraulic Rolling System HYDEX

Features of this Boiler Tube Rolling Drives:

  1. Remote Control and Safety: The drive communicates with the pump via a 9V DC remote control. This design ensures safety and eliminates the need for an electrical cord between the pump and the drive, which is a notable improvement over systems provided by other manufacturers.

  2. Silent Operation: Unlike electric and pneumatic tube expansion systems, this drive operates silently. Noise reduction can be crucial in certain environments, especially when working with boilers or other sensitive equipment.

  3. Compact Design: The drive’s compact size makes it easy to use inside boiler drums. This feature is particularly beneficial when working in confined spaces.

  4. Compatibility: All four drives use the same powerpack, allowing them to expand tubes ranging from 5/8″ outer diameter (o.d.) to 4″ o.d. This versatility simplifies maintenance and reduces the need for multiple powerpacks.

  5. High Torque: The drive can expand large-diameter, thick-wall tubes in thick tube sheets with ease. High torque is essential for efficient tube expansion.

  6. Long Life and Low Maintenance: The drive offers longevity and requires minimal maintenance. This combination is valuable for reducing downtime and ensuring consistent performance.

  7. Efficient Boiler Erections: The drive’s capabilities contribute to faster completion of boiler erections. Time savings can be critical in industrial settings.

  8. Heat Resistance: The drive remains unaffected by heat, allowing for extended use during long working hours. This resilience is essential in high-temperature environments.

  9. Dual Drive Powerpack: If even faster tube expansion is needed, a dual drive powerpack is available. Connecting two drives to a single powerpack reduces the expansion time cycle by an additional 50%.

  10. Automated Controls: Microprocessor controls on the pump automate the expansion cycle. This eliminates the need for repeated manual STOP/START actions during the expansion process.

In summary, this tube expansion drive offers a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and ease of use in boiler applications. Its compatibility, torque, and automated controls make it a valuable tool for professionals in the field.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about this system or any other topic? 😊