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114 Series Tube Expanders

114 Series Tube Expander
114 series tube expanders is one of the most common boiler expanders. Used for flaring tubes with a 40-degree flare in a compact design. Self-retaining rollers held in place using an inner sleeve. Thus allowing the cage and rollers to be placed in the tube before inserting the mandrel. Therefore allowing easier insertion when limited access is available. Meanwhile, some manufacturers and service companies use a flaring expander before manual beading.
In summary, the general design of this expander incorporates overlapping rolls, accordingly this  eliminates ridging. Consisting of four straight rollers. This makes the gas-tight seal and an additional two rollers for flaring. Albeit a flaring expander, the 114 series is convertible to a straight rolling configuration.
114 Series tube expanders for boilers

Uses of the 114 Series Tube Expanders

Therefore, listed as a general-purpose boiler tube expander for expanding and flaring tubes. Whereas these would be fire tube boilers, water-wall, downcomers, economizers and air heaters. These tube expanders can also be converted to roll in a straight configuration.

Check the PDF for Specifications:

Sizes Available in the 114 Series Tube Expanders

  • Tube OD 2.0″ to 4.1/2″
  • BWG 2 to 15.
  • Tube Sheet Thickness Range from 1/2″ to 2.5/8″.
  • Drum Mandrels are Available.
  • Header type Mandrels.
  • Short Series Mandrels 5.1/8″
  • Short Series Mandrels 7.1/8″

Further Information

Read our page Rolling Boiler Tubes. This link, Rolling Boiler Tubes, describes how to work out the finished ID of the tube. Also, we cover reasons why boiler tube joints fail.

PTR-03 Rolling Motor

Rolling Boiler Tube Expanders

Made in Germany by Eibenstock. These electric rolling motors excel in power and reliability. Rolling boiler tubes up to 3.0″OD and 2.1/2″ OD Combination Boiler Tube Expanders.

Available in either 120 or 240-volt, 50/60 Hz.

Available from Stock.

Check out the PDF Below:

Combination Beading Expanders

Combination Beading Expander

The Powermaster Combination Beading Expander is one of the most useful and time-saving tools available. These expanders, compared to the beading method with beading chisels, save so much time they can pay for themselves in one full retube.

Click the link below for specifications:

beading with the combination beading expander

Working on a Superior Boiler in Bermuda. The complete retube was finished in 1.1/2 days. Hydro-tested and back on-line in two days. Above are the beaded tubes, the combination beading expander finished all 105 tubes in a day.