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Sugar Mill Tube Cleaning

Sugar Mill

Sugar Mill Tube Cleaning

For Sugar Mill Juice Heaters, Evaporators and Boilers.

Sugar mill tube cleaning is a labour-intensive operation that needs to be completed regularly for health and safety issues. Albeit to make the operation more efficient and cost-effective. 

Sugar Mill Tube Cleaning with the PTC-150

PTC-150 boiler tube cleaning machine

A 120 volt or 240 volt alternative to the three phase system.

Flexible Shaft Machines (Electrical)

A flexible Shaft Machine is a self-contained portable unit, mounted on a 3-wheel trolley, fitted with a carrying handle. It incorporates a directly coupled, totally enclosed squirrel cage, 2800 rpm. continuously rated electric motor. Selecting the H.P. of the motor depends upon the length and size of the Flexible Shaft and the nature of scaling. It is controlled by a push-button starter which is provided with three thermal adjustable overload relays. 

Each machine is fully wired, carefully tested and fitted with a 15-feet length of PVC Cable to the main supply. Longer cables can be supplied upon request. Please consult us if your electric supply is different from the one listed below. Motors for alternate supplies are also available.

Enclosed System

Enclosed sugar mill tube cleaning

Open System

Sugar mill tube cleaning TC Tube Cleaner

Variable Frequency Drive

Variable frequency belt drive cleaner

Here’s a concise summary of the document detailing the Flexible Shaft Machine and its components:

Flexible Shaft Machine Summary

  • Machine Overview: A self-contained, portable unit with a 2800 rpm electric motor, mounted on a 3-wheel trolley for easy transport.
  • Motor Specifications: The motor is a totally enclosed squirrel cage type, with horsepower (H.P.) selection dependent on the flexible shaft’s size and the scaling task.
  • Operation: Features a push button starter with thermal adjustable overload relays for safety.
  • Wiring: Comes with a 10-feet PVC cable, extendable upon request.
  • Customization: Consultation is available for different electric supplies and alternate motors.

Flexible Shafts (Drives)

  • Function: Transmits consistent torque/power from the motor to the tool head/brush.
  • Inner Core: Made of high-tensile spring steel wires, double wound and stress-relieved for vibration-free performance.
  • Outer Casing: Flexible galvanized steel strip with anti-friction lining.
  • Connections: Motor connection and detachable hand piece with a threaded spindle for tools.
  • Sizing: Based on the internal diameter (I.D.) of the tube, with the length calculated by adding the longest tube’s length to the distance from the tube’s mouth to the power unit.

This summary encapsulates the key features and components of the Flexible Shaft Machine, highlighting its versatility and customization options for industrial use.

Most fire tube boilers if cleaned regularly will usually only need nylon brushes to remove the soot bringing the tubes back to their original cleanliness. The brushes need to run loose on the ID of the tube. So, if the tube ID is 1.7/8″ then a brush of 1.3/4″ is ideal. It’s the rotation and the vibration of the brush in the tube which removes the deposits. 

The machine supplies water to the flexible shaft from the tool end. This then flushes away all debris out of the tube. Water only runs when the foot pedal is depressed. For more stubborn deposits use either the Double Spiral brush or Stainless Steel brushes.  In water tube boilers, especially where the local feed water is either not treated or has high calcium or other mineral content.  For large copper tubes in Stills and evaporators use either Nylon or Brass brushes.


Turk's Head

Turks Head Brush

Turk’s Head design for soot removal and general cleaning.

Double Spiral

Double Spiral tube brush

Double Spiral for removing light scale and burnishing the inside of tubes.

WBA Heavy Duty

Heavy duty cleaning brush

WBA Series for heavy duty cleaning.

Expanding Brush

Expanding brush

Expanding brush for removing thin scale, soot and soft deposits.

MB Series

General Purpose Brush

MB Series for general cleaning, polishing and deburring.

CB Series

Spare Brush for MB Series

Spare brushes for MB Series.

RS Series

Heavy duty cleaning brush

RS Series for heavy duty cleaning and scale removal.

EXS Series

Expanding Scrapers

Expanding scrapers for removing thin scale, soot and soft deposits.