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Non Parallel Collins Expanders

non parallel collins expanders

Uses of the Non parallel Collins Expanders

The non-parallel Collins expanders are also known as V Series expanders. This expander is utilized in the repair and erection of boilers with thin tube sheets. Non Parallel Collins Expanders roll approximately twice as fast as conventional expanders.  Tube OD Sizes from 1.0″ OD to 3.0″ OD. Two types of mandrels are available Header and Short Series. When working through water legs, we use head mandrels.

These are an expander which is useful to keep on hand covering your boiler’s tube sizes. Not just for thin tube sheets but ideal for when leaking tubes are evident. Therefore, when noticing leaks from boiler doors. During the next scheduled shutdown, these can use these expanders to secure the offending tubes.

Also, when new boilers are delivered either by road or train they can suffer movement within the tube joints. The Non Parallel Collins Expanders can be used to tighten up tube joints as required.

You can find the sizes and part numbers of the Non-Parallel Expanders in the PDF below.

Rolling Motors for Rolling Boiler Tube

Boiler tube rolling drives

The PTR-03 Electric Rolling Motor, crafted and engineered in Germany, stands as a robust and resilient powerhouse. Its exceptional performance has made it a leading choice across various applications. From rigorous drilling to precise line boring, the Eibenstock motor series caters to the demands of continuous power in engineering. With options available in 120-volt or 240-volt variants and a frequency range of 50-60 Hertz, we offer the ideal drive model tailored to your specific power supply. Trust us to deliver the utmost performance when it comes to rolling boiler tubes. 

The unit boasts a formidable power output, generating high torque capable of rolling 3 OD tubes. As a result, it is an ideal machine for the pulp and paper industry. Equipped with a gradual startup feature, it offers two gears with a load speed ranging from 30-75/90-230 RPM. Additionally, a simple switch enables the drive motor to effortlessly reverse expanders out of the tube. The PTR-03’s arbor is a morse taper 3, allowing for seamless connection to the expander. To cater to your specific requirements, we provide a mandrel drive, available in either a ¾ or 1.0 female square option. 

Upon receiving your new PTR-03, you will discover that it is equipped with an elongated reaction bar, which we highly recommend utilizing due to its immense power. Additionally, it includes a morse taper drift key and the appropriate operational manual. The reliability of this machine has been outstanding, as we have rarely encountered the need for spare parts. However, in the event such a need arises, rest assured that all spare parts are readily accessible. 

Product Quality

Tube expanders for boilers are readily available from Powermaster Industrial in a range of sizes. These expanders are specifically designed to roll tubes in boilers efficiently and effectively. Compared to other options, they are cost-effective, making them a practical choice for professionals in the industry. 

Accuracy in Design

We work to high tolerances for all machining of expanders and associated equipment. This allows accurate expansion to achieve perfect sealed joints in tube sheets. Using the best tool steel and cryogenic processes for hardening and conditioning. Giving our tooling the optimum performance in the harshest surroundings.
We assemble each expander while checking the quality of the manufacture. Every individual tool is laser-marked with our name, Powermaster Canada. Also, we mark with the tube OD, wall thickness and expansion range. Expanders are then oiled bagged and boxed for shipping. Therefore, with our quality control and machining excellence, we supply a quality tool.