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Selection of Boiler Tube Cleaning Machines

 Unquestionably, Powermaster Industrial is here to help you select the correct cleaning equipment. Researching these pages refers to the different boiler tube cleaning equipment available.  Information guides you, and we are only a phone call away. Tel: (613) 764-0572. Without reservation, we are always here to help you make the correct decision.

Things we need to know:

  • Size (OD and ID of the tube.
  • Material of the tube.
  • Type of deposit.
  • Length of the tube.
  • The number of tubes needed cleaning.
  • Type of Boiler (Water tube or Fire tube).

Size of Machine Required

 Select the most powerful boiler tube cleaning machines for the scale and tube size. But then, if you are only cleaning light soot from tubes no bigger than 2.1/2″OD, the PTC-75 would be more than adequate. To clarify, the scale encountered is a major factor for brush material. When cleaning hard calcium deposits, the brush design and material become critical. Water treatment systems connected to feed water help. Especially in areas of high mineral content.

Powermaster Industrial tube cleaners are compact and maneuverable. Used to clean straight and curved tubes. In heat exchangers, boilers, condensers and other tubular apparatus. The attachments remove the deposits using a rotational force from the drive unit. The flexible shaft allows easy access to the tube sheet. While in operation, water flushes out deposits from the tube. The ID of the tube determines brush size selection. The brush must be slightly smaller than the ID, especially to vibrate within the tube while cleaning.

PTC-75 boiler tube cleaning machine

PTC-75 Boiler Tube Cleaning Machine

Tube ID up to 2.1/2"OD
1 Hp. 0.75 kW.
Motor Speed 1780 rpm.
220 volts or 110 volts 50/60 Hz.
Weight 70lb 32 kg.
Dimensions 38x21x18 inches.

The PTC-75 is a powerful tube cleaner for boilers and heat exchangers. The powerful 1Hp motor provides unquestionable amounts of power for cleaning tubes. With a wide selection of tools, this machine is one of the most versatile tube cleaners available.

PTC-150 boiler tube cleaning machine

PTC-150 Boiler Tube Cleaning Machine

Tube ID up to 4.0"OD
2 Hp. 1.50 kW.
Motor Speed 1780 rpm.
220 volts or 110 volts 50/60 Hz.
Weight 84lb 38 kg.
Dimensions 40x22x19 inches.

With the PTC-150, you get one of the most powerful electric cleaners for boilers available. The 2Hp motor provides unlimited power for tube cleaning. Using different flex shafts, this cleaner covers all tube sizes.

Boiler tube cleaning systems

ATC-300 Pneumatic Boiler Tube Cleaning Machine


Tube ID up to 4.0"OD
4 Hp. 3.00 kW. Pneumatic Power.
Motor Speed 300-3000 rpm.
Weight 64lb 29 kg.
Dimensions 36x22x16 inches.

 The ATC-300 is our most powerful pneumatic tube cleaner. The 4Hp motor provides unmatched rotation for cleaning tubes. Thus, used in areas where using electric cleaners could be hazardous. As a result, workers remain safe. Requires 90 psi continuous air while being used with a wide selection of available tools.

Model TC Tube Cleaner

A flexible Shaft Machine is a self-contained portable unit. Mounted on a 3-wheel trolley and fitted with a carrying handle. It incorporates coupled, enclosed squirrel cage and a 2800 rpm-rated electric motor. Selecting the H.P. of the motor depends upon the length and size of the Flexible Shaft and the nature of scaling. Controlled by a push-button starter which provides three thermal adjustable overload relays. Each machine wired, tested and fitted with a 15-feet length of PVC Cable. Please consult us if your electric supply differs from the one listed below. Motors for alternate supplies are also available.

TC Tube Cleaner for Sugar Mills
Sugar mill tube cleaning TC Tube Cleaner

There are 3 models available:

  • TC-30 3hp.
  • TC-50 5hp.
  • TC-75 7.5hp.

The standard voltage on these machines is 440 volts, 3 phase at 50Hz.

Call us for different voltage requirements.

boiler tube cleaning brushes

Flexible Shafts for Models TC

The Flexible Shaft transmits constant torque/power from the motor unit to the tool. These shafts run dry at all times. The Inner Core is a double wound in opposing layers with high tensile-spring steel wires. Made for absolute vibration-free performance and continuous duty. The outer casing is flexible and made out of galvanized steel strips. It provides a special steel anti-friction lining for the entire length.

So, besides boilers, tube cleaning machines will clean any tubular apparatus. Despite the tube size, as long as we know the type of deposit, we can specifically choose the correct cleaning accessories. To conclude, know your tube size, type of deposit material, and length. Consider how close you can get the drive unit to the pressure vessel. This will determine the length of the shaft required.

Flexible Shafts

Inner Core mm (inch)12 -13 (1/2″)15 – 16 (5/8″)19 – 20 (3/4″)
Outer Casing mm (inch)25 -26 (1″)31 – 32 (1.1/4″)34 – 35 (1.3/8″)
Length mtr.Length feetModelModelModel
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