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P1000 Boiler Tube Expanders

P1000 boiler tube expanders

P1000 Boiler tube Expanders - Flaring

The P1000 Boiler tube expanders series is an expander used in limited access spaces in mud and steam drums up to 2.3/4″ thick. Three flaring rollers prevent ridging of the tube. Whereas we use P3000 series with P1000 for extra thick tube sheets up to 5.3/8 inches.For example, the expander in the P3000 step-rolls to cover the drum’s thickness. However, the P-1000 would finish the roll and flare the end at a total of 30 degrees.

See pdf for details and Specifications.

Product Quality

We work to high tolerances for all machining of expanders including associated equipment. This allows accurate expansion, achieving perfectly sealed joints in tube sheets. In addition, using the best tool steel and cryogenic processes for hardening and conditioning. Giving our tooling the optimum performance in the harshest surroundings. We assemble each expander while checking the quality of the manufacture. Every individual tool is laser-marked with our name, Powermaster Canada. Also, we mark with the tube OD, wall thickness and expansion range. We oil, bag and box expanders for shipping. Therefore, with our quality control and machining excellence, we supply a

Diagram of a Steam Boiler with Super heater

The diagram above shows the details of a steam boiler also with a superheater. The steam drum is located at the top of the unit therefore the mud drum or feed water drum, at the bottom. Also, water tubes are between the two drums. Saturated steam leaves the steam drum and onward to the superheater. 

Electric Tube Rolling Motors


The Electric Rolling Motor PTR-03 is a powerful, durable and hard-working drive. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this drive motor has been the front-runner in many different scenarios. From heavy-duty drilling to line boring, the Eibenstock range of motors covers all aspects of engineering when continuous power is needed. Available in either 120 volts or 240 volts and with a Hertz range of 50-60. So, wherever you need power we can provide the correct drive model suited to your supply current. 

The unit features high torque producing enough power to roll 3” OD tubes. Therefore, a machine which is well suited to the pulp and paper industry. With the slow start facility, it has two gears with a load speed of 30-75/90-230 RPM. And, with a change of a switch the drive motor reverses expanders out of the tube with ease. The arbor of the PTR-03 is a Morse taper 3 therefore, to make the connection to the expander we supply a mandrel drive according to your needs. This would then be either a ¾” or 1.0” female square.  

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Tube Hole Serration/Grooving

P1000 boiler tube expanders

Grooving and serrating tools are for putting grooves within the tube sheet hole. The rolled tube when in the sheet produces a better and stronger seal. Two different models are available covering from 3/8″ to 4/0″ bore size. The person operating tooling must be knowledgeable in order to achieve accurate groove cutting. Connection to the drive unit is by Morse Taper from MT2 to MT5 for the very large tube holes.

This is a new mud/steam drum above, manufactured with serrated tube holes. Due to high pressures in these types of boilers. For these reasons, serration of the tube holes is to achieve a tighter gas-tight seal. The tubes on the inside of the drum are typically finished with flared ends.