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Internal Tube Cutters

PR68 Internal Tube Cutters for thick walled tube

Internal tube cutters PR68

First, the PR68 series internal tube cutters will cut tubes from 10mm ID to 105mm ID. Thereby cutting tubes in small oil coolers to large boilers in pulp and paper mills. As a result of the range of the tools, the selection of the correct model is imperative. Driven by the male square, in a clockwise direction. For example by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic power sources. Links in the right column. The clutch engages the cutting bit to advance into the wall of the tube. Likewise, consider the depth of the cut to clear the tube sheet. To summarize these tools are available from the standard 4.0″ reach up to 16.0″ reach, in increments of 4.0″. For Well Abatement we can extend the unit up to 2 meters, 75.0 inches. 

Consult the link below for specifications.

ATP Series - Push Type

The ATP Series penetrates the walls of ferrous tubes. Utilized in heat exchangers and suitable for boilers with 1.5″ OD tubes. This tube cutter surpasses other types in speed. The robust “Push Type” Internal tube cutter operates with any portable electric or pneumatic drive. Simple to use: insert it into the tube, activate power, and press inward. After cutting, easing the pressure retracts the cutting bit. It features an adjustable collar for different depth requirements. The standard reach is 4.0″, with optional increments of 2.0″ up to a “C” reach of 10″ (254mm). Each tube cutter includes a full set of pilot bushings. The bushings accommodate various tube wall thicknesses. Please refer to the link below for the pdf on specifications.

Consult the link below for specifications.

OTC Series - Manual

The One Revolution Internal tube cutter is for manual operation. Thus designed for use with a hand ratchet. So, as the name implies, it pierces and cuts off thin-walled ferrous tubes in one revolution.
In contrast to the other internal tube cutters. The OTC cutter works on the eccentric principle. The tool enters the tube in the closed position. Then, when turned, the cutting bit pieces the tube wall. If a full revolution completes, the Tool Bit shears through the tube along its circumference. An adjustable collar sets the depth of the cut. Cutters come in different lengths and they are available in optional increments of 2”(50.8mm). Standard adjustable reach is 6”(152.4mm).

Electric Tube Rolling Motors


The PTR-03 is the ideal electric rolling drive motor to power the PR68 tube cutter. This drive unit will give you all the power needed to drive the largest of tube cutters.

Available in either 120 or 240-volt, 50/60 Hz.

Pneumatic Drive Units

Right angled rolling motor

Right Angled Rolling Motors

The pneumatic right-angled rolling motor is another choice for powering the PR68 series. A steady supply of air at 90psi, around 60cfm gives unlimited power.