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Internal Tube Cutters

Internal Tube Cutters by Powermaster Industrial.

Internal Tube Cutters come in three models: the PR68 Series, ATP series, and the one Revolution Internal Cutter, OTC series. Therefore in addition, these are used to cut tubes of different sizes and material in boilers and pressure vessels. Furthermore this allows the tube to be pulled from the other end of the pressure vessel. In other words, this allows the tube is freed from the opposite tube sheet and pulled free, the remaining tube stub can be stretched or removed with collapsing tools and knockout tools. 

Internal Tube Cutters

PR68 Series Internal Tube Cutters

The PR68 internal tube cutter is the ideal cutter for cutting boiler tubes. It's the best choice for tube cutting thick walled boiler tubes from 2.0"OD and higher. PR68 Internal Tube Cutters are driven via the square drive connection in a clockwise direction using either electric, pneumatic or hydraulic driving motors. Sizes available up to 4.1/2"OD. PR68 type cutters are available in standard reach of 4.0" in increments of 4.0" up to 16".
Extra length is available for well abatement up to a maximum of 72" inches.
Consult the link below for the pdf on specifications.

ATP Series Internal Tube Cutters

ATP Series

The ATP Series is a tool which quickly cuts through the walls of ferrous tubes mainly used in heat exchangers. But boilers with 1.1/2"OD tubes this tube cutter will out pace any other type of cutter. This sturdy "Push Type" Internal tube cutter can be used with any portable electric drive or pneumatic drive. Push type cutters are easy to operate. Merely insert into the tube, apply power and press inward and the tube can be cut in a few seconds. Once cut, release pressure and the cutting bit retracts into the tool. The cutter is equipped with an adjustable collar suitable for reaching into various depths. Standard adjustable reach is 4.0" and the tool is available in optional increments of 2.0" up to "C" reach which is 10" (254mm). All tube cutters come with a complete set of pilot bushings for different tube wall thicknesses.
Consult the link below for the pdf on specifications.

OTC Series Internal Tube Cutters

OTC Series

The One Revolution Internal tube cutter pierces and cuts off non-ferrous and thin-walled ferrous tubes in one revolution. This tool is designed with a hand ratchet handle and is the ideal tool for piercing tubes before they are plugged with tube plugs. These Cutter Bits operates on the eccentric principle. The Tube Cutter is entered in the tube with the Tool Bit in closed position , ratchet is applied and turned in clockwise direction. When the Tool Bit contacts the tube during the One Revolution it pierces the tube wall and as turning is continued the Tool Bit shears through the tube along its circumference. This Cutter is fitted with an adjustable collar enabling it to reach into tubes at various distances and they are available in optional increments of 2”(50.8mm). Standard adjustable reach is 6”(152.4mm).
Consult the link below for the pdf on specifications.

Rolling Drives for all of the Internal Tube Cutters can be found in the link below.

CS Unitec Electric Tube Rolling Drives