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Continuous Hydraulic Tube Puller

Features of the Continuous Hydraulic Tube Puller

The continuous hydraulic tube puller can make light work at removing tubes from boilers and air heaters. These are supplied in either 3 phase, single phase or pneumatic. The pumps can deliver all the power needed to remove 3.0″ OD tubes.

  1. The Hydraulic Tube Pulling gun communicates with the powerpack via 9v DC remote control. This ensures safety and eliminates the need for an electrical cord between the pump and gun that other manufacturers provide.
  2. These units are available with a choice of Electric-TPP System or Pneumatic-PPP System for hazardous, explosive working environments.
  3. Microprocessor controls on powerpack and hydraulic tube pulling gun ensure trouble-free life.
  4. An auto switchover from low-pressure high flow to high-pressure low flow on load and again back to low-pressure high flow when the load is released.
    the automatic slow start feature will minimize the risk of breaking the tube puller and conserve consumables.
  5. Interchangeable tube pulling guns with the same power pack. For example; a 15-ton gun for light-duty high-speed work, 30-ton gun for heavy-duty tube puller and 45-ton gun for tubes up to 3” O.D.
    Stainless steel construction body of powerpack for longer corrosion-free life. Hydraulic Tube Pulling up to 3” OD tubes continuously, Tube Puller up to 4” O.D. stub.
Continuous hydraulic tube puller

Tube pulling Guns

When pulling tubes, make sure all beads and flares need are removed from tube ends before the tube is pulled through the pulling gun. 

Tube pulling guns are available in three sizes, but for boiler tubes, the HPG-45, and the AHPG-45 cover tubes from 1.0″ to 3.0″OD. According to the tube sizes being pulled, associated accessories are required to match the tube. these can all be found in the Pulling System Specifications PDF.

The sequence of Operations for Tube Removal.

The Pulling Mandrel is inserted into the tube by the means of an impact gun. The threaded end of the mandrel is tapered so it bites into the tube. 

The Spring Tool Balancer supports the weight of the gun. Mount the gun by sliding it onto the mandrel. Automatic slow start to first break the seal of the expanded joint.

Switch to Auto Cycle by pressing the AUTO button till the tube is completely removed. The gun will continue to cycle till one of the other buttons is pressed. 

Unscrew the mandrel from the pulled tube and proceed to the next tube.

continuous hydraulic tube puller
continuous hydraulic tube puller