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Types of Boiler Tube Expanders

Beading Profile

Beading Expanders

Beaded tubes allow the heat at the end of the tube to pass into the tube sheet. Thus avoiding burn back on the end of the tube. So the Combination Beading Expander is the most economical choice. Protecting your technicians and the safest way for a perfect bead.

Straight Roller Configuration

Straight Expander

Used when a straight rolling especially when the tube is then welded. Once welded, the joint should be re-rolled. This will negate any distortion from welding. Albeit the most robust of all expanders.

Flaring Expander

Flaring Expander

Flare rolling is a process used in mud and steam drums and air heaters. Available in 30 and 40-degree flare designs. Three different models provide all flaring requirements within the heat transfer industry.

Rental Equipment

From electric rolling systems with torque controllers. To the muscle power of the Eibenstock, German made rolling motor. We supply all.

Cleaning systems for heat exchangers, coolers, condensers and boilers. 

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Electric Tube Rolling Drive Motors

Rolling Boiler Tube Expanders


The Electric Rolling Motor PTR-03 is a powerful, durable and hard-working drive. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this drive motor has been the front-runner in many different scenarios. From heavy-duty drilling to line boring, the Eibenstock range of motors covers all aspects of engineering when continuous power is needed. Available in either 120 volts or 240 volts and with a Hertz range of 50-60. So, wherever you need power we can provide the correct drive model suited to your supply current. 

The unit features high torque producing enough power to roll 3” OD tubes. Therefore, a machine which is well suited to the pulp and paper industry. With the slow start facility, it has two gears with a load speed of 30-75/90-230 RPM. And, with a change of a switch the drive motor reverses expanders out of the tube with ease. The arbor of the PTR-03 is a Morse taper 3 therefore, to make the connection to the expander we supply a mandrel drive according to your needs. This would then be either a ¾” or 1.0” female square.  

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Boiler Tube Expanders

Rolling Boiler Tubes with the combination beading expander

Combination Beading Expanders

2", 2.1/2" and 3.0" 10-13 BWG.

Combination Beading Expanders
The Combination Beading Expander is a time and budget-saving tool. Used for beading tube back to the tube sheet. This then sends heat from the tube back into the tube sheet. Therefore, avoiding burn back on the ends of the tubes. Available in 2.0″, 2.1/2″ and 3.0″ OD 10 – 13 BWG (0.134″ – 0.095″) wall thickness.

Rolling and beading the tube in one operation with no re-roll saves time and manpower. Compared to the old manual procedure. Whereas the stress on your workforce, and extra labour time required all add to costs. Not including the re-rolling of the tube a second time is not required. Simple bearing and bead roller changes configuration to each wall thickness. Consult the pdf for the full specs for these time-saving tools.

Consult the webpage link below for more information:

Removing Welded Tubes

welded tubes

Using an end prep tool for weld removal offers several advantages over using a grinder. Firstly, it’s less time-consuming and demanding for operators, reducing fatigue and improving efficiency. Secondly, it minimizes the risk of damaging the tube sheet and tube sheet hole, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the metal-to-metal joint. This method also eliminates the need for reformation or smoothing of the tube sheet hole, saving additional time and effort. Overall, the end prep tool provides a more precise and user-friendly approach to weld removal, enhancing the quality of the final product.

FM-3000 Range 1.1/8"-3.0" ID.

Specifications of the FM-3000

  • Locking Range: 1.1/8″-3.0″ (28-76mm).
  • Idol Speed: 75rpm.
  • Torque: 82Nm (60.48 ft. lbs).
  • Feed Stroke: 1.9/16″ (40mm).
  • Power: 1000 watts.
  • Voltage: 110/220V.
  • Hz: 50/60.
  • Net Weight: 19.8 lbs (9.0 kg).


Cutting Bits for Weld Removal and Beveling.

Cutting bits for weld removal and beveling.

Canada makes steel supply chain more transparent

Canada is joining the U.S. in requiring that all steel imports into the country report where the raw steel was first produced, known as “country of melt and pour.”

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Quality of Product

Accuracy in Design

We work to high tolerances for all machining of expanders and associated equipment. This allows accurate expansion to achieve perfect sealed joints in tube sheets. Using the best tool steel and cryogenic processes for hardening and conditioning. Giving our tooling the optimum performance in the harshest surroundings.
We assemble each expander while checking the quality of the manufacture. Every individual tool is laser-marked with our name, Powermaster Canada. Also, we mark with the tube OD, wall thickness and expansion range. Expanders are then oiled bagged and boxed for shipping. Therefore, with our quality control and machining excellence, we supply a quality tool.

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