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Boiler Tube Expanders and Boiler Tools

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Boiler Tube Expanders

Powermaster Industrial Supplies was formed in 2001 by a Boilermaker from Great Britain. Hence, boiler tube expanders and associated boiler equipment were the company’s main products. With hard work and persistence, the company became a workforce distributing tooling worldwide—an independent company providing a complete range of boiler tube replacement and repair tools. To summarize, we supply boiler tube expanders, removal tools, test equipment and installation tools for preparing and inserting new tubes into boilers. We also carry a wide array of cleaning equipment for servicing boilers, heat exchangers and all tubular pressure vessel apparatus. 

Powermaster Industrial is a significant supplier to North America and Europe. Located in the city of Casselman between Ottawa and Montreal, with ease of access to Ottawa International Airport and all the major carriers. 

Understanding how to chose Boiler Tube Expanders

If you or your company is embarking on a re-tube of a commercial boiler, for this reason, using the correct tooling is critical. First and foremost, you need to determine the Tube OD, the wall thickness. Also, we need to know if the tubes need to be a straight roll, flared roll, or beaded.. Finally the thickness of the tube sheet.

So to Summarize Tube OD, Tube Wall thickness and Tube Sheet thickness. specifically the finished roll design. And if you can give us the tube hole diameter in the tube sheet we will work out the finished ID. 

Boiler tube expanders are used to achieve a secure, leak-tight connection between the fire tube or water tube and the tube sheet in boilers. Boiler Tube Expanders may be powered by pneumatics, hydraulics or electrical. Tube expanders can be roller type, which is widely used within the industry, or they can be a thrust expansion design. The tube is expanded to fill the gap between the tube and the tube hole in the tube sheet. The tube wall is thinned by torque which is passed through the tube expander causing the seal and be further thinned thus ensuring a leak-tight joint is established.

To clarify, standard models of Boiler Tube Expanders listed below, along with brief explanations of their use within the industry. Links will guide you to all this site’s installation, removal and cleaning sections. Associated links to information on Specialized Tube Expanders, including Combination Beading Expanders.

Combination Beading Expanders

The Combination Beading Expander is a time and budget-saving tool. Used for beading tube back to the tube sheet. This then sends heat from the tube back into the tube sheet. Available in 2.0″, 2.1/2″ and 3.0″ OD 10 – 13 BWG (0.134″ – 0.095″) wall thickness.
Rolling and beading the tube in one operation with no re-roll saves time and manpower. With a simple bearing and bead roller change, configuration to each wall thickness within the tube size. Consult the pdf for the full spec for these time-saving tools.
Combination Beading Boiler Tube Expanders

114 Series - Flaring Expanders

The 114 series flaring tube expander covers tubes from 2.0″ OD to 4-1/2″ OD. These are specifically used in fire tube boilers and air heaters. The self-contained rollers within the cage enable the expander to reach into confined spaces. For instance, by placing the cage into the tube before inserting the mandrel. This is a general-purpose boiler tube expander used for expanding and flaring tubes. More information is available through the link below.

A Series - Straight Expanders

Specifically the A Series is a straight rolling expander enabling tube expansion from 7/8″ OD up to 4.1/2″ OD. These expanders, furthermore are one of the most cost effect expanders available. 

The design allows the rolls to be self-contained, protected within the cage. This is the best mode of tube expansion when flaring is not necessary. In addition with this in mind, these can be supplied with various mandrel designs. Mandrels available: Short Series, Drum Type and Header Type. To clarify, consult the associated PDF link for more information.

AF3 Series - Flaring Expanders

When flaring of tubes is needed then the AF3 series is the ideal tube expander. In addition, covers from 7/8″ OD up to 4.1/2″ OD. The rolls are self-contained within a constructed cage. A cost-effective means when tubes need to be flared at 30 degrees. The AF3 series is also used with the short series mandrels. To clarify, more information is linked below to the associated PDF.

AB Series - Boiler tube Expanders

The AB Series is a straight rolling boiler tube expander. This expander is a high-production tool. Above all, fitted with a thrust bearing. Without a doubt, reduces frictional heat build-up allowing for longer periods of use. In this design, tubes from 7/8″ to 4.1/2″ OD and tube sheets thicknesses up to 2.5/8″. These boiler tube expanders work with the short series mandrels. For clarity, more information is in the link below to the associated PDF.

AFB3 Series - Boiler Tube Expanders

The ABF3 Series is a high-production flaring boiler tube expander. As a result, its fitted bearing reduces frictional heat build-up. The design covers tubes from 7/8″ to 4.1/2″ OD and tube sheet thicknesses up to 2.5/8″. This boiler tube expander can also use the short series mandrels. See the link for PDF below for more clarity.

P-1000 Series

The P-1000 series is an expander used in limited access spaces in mud and steam drums up to 2.3/4″ thick. Three flaring rollers prevent ridging of the tube. These boiler tube expanders are also used with the P-3000 series for extra thick tube sheets up to 5.3/8″ thick. See pdf for details and other mandrels.

P-3000 Series

The P-3000 series, aligned in the boiler tube in relation to the drum thickness. for consistent expansions. Used in boilers with tube sheets or drums thicker than 2.3/4″ (70mm). Used in conjunction with the P-1000 series when achieving a flared finish. Once again, is ideal for use in a limited access space. Used in mud and steam drums up to 5.3/8″ thick. Adjustable for step rolling. See pdf for details and other mandrels.