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A tube expander which is fully adjustable on the reach into the tube sheet.

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114 Series

Full information and specifications on the A Series.
A Series

Full information and specifications on the AB Series.
AB Series

Full information and specifications on the AF3 Series.
AF3 Series

Full information and specifications on the ABF3 Series.
ABF3 Series

Full information and specifications on the P-1000 Series Boiler Tube Expanders.
P-1000 Series

Full information and specifications on the P-3000 Series Boiler Tube Expanders.
P-3000 Series

Full information and specifications on the 8012 Series Boiler Tube Expanders.
8012 Series

Combination Beading Expanders from 2
Combination Beading

All your Van requirements and van accessories. Contact these guys, they know the business.

Leading the way in Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and large Impact Sockets. CanTorque satisfy all your bolting requirements with quality equipment.
Cantorque - Proudly Canadian

Large Impact Sockets and striking Wrenches

Large Impact Sockets

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A company which does outstanding work when it comes to Kitchens, Bathrooms and Office layouts.

Off ice Design

All Boiler Tube Expanders are now on Sale at discounted prices

And with every sale of an tube tool, you get our world renown Lube a Tube for Free

Vacuum Leak Detectors - On Sale!! $1395.00 USD Complete

To start the New year we have the very popular Vacuum Leak Detector Kits in stock, and on sale. These units are ready to go and you just need to tell us the range of the tube sizes you are testing and we can ship overnight - North America Wide.

Vacuum Leak Detector Kit

A simple test instrument used by service personnel to identify leaking tubes within a pressure vessel or other tubular apparatus. The Vacuum Leak Detector PVLD-3000, is a simple but precise tool used for testing tubes. It is the fastest and most accurate way of identifying and then plugging or replacing leaking tubes.

It works on the principle of a vacuum which is created within the tube and if the vacuum holds steady then the tube is marked as complete. A drop in the vacuum shown on the gauge of the unit represents a leak within the tube.

Vacuum Leak Detectors - On Sale!! $1395.00 USD Complete

Direct Link to the PVLD-3000 Page

Cleaning Boiler Tubes. Boiler Cleaning Systems and Boiler Cleaners.

Electric tube cleaners.
Electric Boiler Tube Cleaners

Pneumatic Tube Cleaning Systems
Pneumatic Boiler Tube Cleaning

Tube Cleaning Accessories
Boiler Tube Cleaning Accessories

Boiler Expanders by Powermaster Industrial - Canada.

Powermaster Boiler Tube Expanders, Boiler Tube Tools and accessories help you efficiently and cost effectively maintains your boiler equipment. Our innovative ATC-300 Pneumatic Cleaning System and rolling motors can help you with the timely upkeep of your equipment, heat exchangers, and other pressure vessels. Powermaster Boiler Tube Tools are created for ease of use and minimal operator fatigue. If you need a special drive extension or replacement part, we offer you a wide selection of parts and tools to help make your job easier. If you need a part or tool system that you do not see listed, please email Boiler Tools-Contact Us and we will customize a solution for you.
Within this website you can find all types of tooling required for maintenance includes the removal and installation of boiler tubes. On the left column you can find quick links to varies designs of boiler tube expanders.

Right Angled Rolling Motors

Boiler Tools and this website.

The way around this website has been put together to make it easy to find just what you need. The full inventory can be found in the above links. Also, we have placed quick links to all boiler expanders in our left column on the Boiler Home Page and all sub directory pages.

Beveling-facing Machines/ Mill Hogs

Other Tooling for Boiler Maintenance.

We also supply all tooling for heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, oil coolers and radiators. These can all be found at our sister site:

Combination Beading Expanders in stock.

Our Experience

So whatever your requirements please contact us and our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist you. Our staff are all experienced techs with many years service in the heat transfer industry.

Pressure Vessel

Shipping and our Pricing Policy.

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Powermaster Worldwide

Powermaster Industrial Supplies provides support and technical advise worldwide through a network of suppliers and manufacturers.

Also Powermaster Industrial is a manufacturer and can supply Canadian Made tooling worldwide when required.

Canadian and USA working to a better world for all mankind.

All Standard Expanders On Sale in the Sales Room Page

Inventory other than Boiler Tooling.

Powermaster Industrial Supplies has teamed up with one of the most advanced Bolting Companies in all of Canada. Out of Edmonton Alberta is the esteemed company CanTorque Inc which provides tooling to all walks of industry where equipment is assembled and disassembled. Powermaster is now a representative for CanTorque and will provide you with all your bolting requirements in Sales, Rental and Service. We specialize in the following:

  • Hydraulic Torque Wrenches from 3/4" Drive to 2.1/2" Drive and up to 60,000 Lbf/ft.
  • Low Profile Hydraulic Wrenches from 1/2" to 6.1/8" and up to 45,000 Lbf/ft.
  • CanTorque Hydraulic Bolt/Stud Tensioners from 3/4" up to 4" Diameter.
  • Equalizer International Flange Spreading and Alignment Tools.
  • CDI Torque Products-Mechanical and Dial Torque Wrenches.
  • Dakota Ultrasonic Bolting Extensometers and Gauges.

We also repair any make of tooling for the heat exchanger, Boiler and bolting industries.

All of our Expanders are ready to work

Unlike other makes where you have to buy the mandrel as an extra, we don't believe in this policy, all of our tube expanders come complete and ready to work and you can rely on the following:

  • All tooling is checked before leaving our warehouse.
  • All Pneumatic and Electrical Rolling Drives are checked under strict continuity procedures.
  • All Hydraulic equipment is checked to maintain hydraulic torque and pressure requirements.
  • All equipment is assembled here in Canada.
  • All personnel you speak with have a vast knowledge of tube engineering and have many years experience.
  • All equipment hold the CE compliance certificate.

Tel: (613) 764-0572 or email