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Pine Jenny Pulling Accessories

Interchangeable Pine Jenny Pulling Systems

It can’t be stressed enough. One of the hardest tasks in boiler tube replacement can be the removal of the tubes. There is no hard and fast way to complete the job as you may have a number of tubes that come out easily then one can take hours to remove. Collapsing one end then using a gas torch cut a hole in the tube at the collapsed end. Place a forked hammering bar in the hole and then hammer on the end of the bar. This is very laborious and is a strain on the technicians. 

The pine jenny pulling accessories and systems have been in production for decades. These have been important tools for the removal of boiler tubes. All of the parts required for the Pine Jenny System are compatible.  Compatible with Tube Pulling systems from Airetool, Wilson, Elliot and other manufacturers of “Pine Jenny-style systems.



Pine Jenny Accessories

There are two types of spears which act as the mandrel for gripping the tube from the inside. One is for tubes from 3/8″ up to 1.0″ mainly oil coolers and heat exchangers, the other from 1.1/4″ up to 3.0” for the boiler repair industry. For other pulling systems see the Full Auto System and the Semi Auto System. Download the pdf from the link below: