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Non Parallel Expanders

The parallel expander known as a V Series expander. This expander is used in the repair and erection of boilers with thin tube sheets. V Series expanders roll approximately twice as fast as conventional expanders.  Tube OD Sizes from 1.0″ OD to 3.0″ OD. Two types of mandrels are available Header and Short Series. Head mandrels are used when working through water legs.

Sizes and part numbers can be found in the PDF below:

V Series parallel expanders can be used in the repair of tubes when they leak at the tube joint with the tube sheet. Therefore, when a leaking tube is found the seal can be tightened with this expander. These expanders are also fast rolling expanders.

non parallel expanders

Using the EHB or the ETE electric tube rolling drive is the ideal tool to provide the power needed.